lunes, 1 de enero de 2018

Thomas E. Woolley (University of Oxford)

Doctor Matemáticas / Ph.D. Mathematics


-Mathematical Biology
James D. Murray

"""These two books are the essential bibles of mathematical biology. Not only are they great text books, giving a huge variety of different applications and mathematical theories, but they are written in a very readable style. They are highly illustrated and contain a number of lovely anecdotes making these books useful for everyone from a novice to an expert."""


-Numbers & Proofs
R.B.J.T. Allenby

"""A beautiful introduction to many areas of pure mathematics such as proof and logic. This is the perfect bridge for students moving from secondary, or high school to university. It is written in a very colloquial fashion and I am particularly fond of the proofs, as they have extensive commentary illustrating the thoughts behind every step. Thus, you learn how to think like a mathematician."""

-Mathematical Modelling of Zombies
Robert Smith?

"""For those of you wanting a bit more bite to your mathematics then this is a really fun demonstration of a wide variety of applied mathematics. Using zombies as a background, cutting edge techniques are used to develop survival strategies. Having written one of the chapters, I know that it is aimed at a higher level of expertise, around second or third year undergraduate. However, even if the mathematics goes over your head the stories are very readable in their own right."""

Mathematical Modelling of Zombies

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