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James Grogan (University of OXFORD)

Doctor Ingeniería Biomédica  / Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering




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-A History of Mathematics / Historia de la Matemática
Uta C. Merzbach and Carl B. Boyer

"""This book overviews mathematics from the beginning of recorded history up until the mid 20th century. I like that it does not shy away from mathematical detail, but is still quite accessible (especially to someone from an engineering rather than mathematics background)."""



-Biomechanics: Mechanical Properties of Living Tissues
Y.C. Fung

"""This book is the first in a series of three on mechanics in physiology and bio-engineering. This series is indispensable for researchers in the area of bio-engineering and the use of continuum mechanics and derivations from the laws of thermodynamics from the outset make the content very intuitive and satisfying to read."""


-The Finite Element Method
T,J,R. Hughes

"""This is an ideal book for anyone wanting to get a deeper understanding of the theory used in common commercial finite element codes for solid mechanics. The maths content is at a slightly higher level than most undergraduate engineering courses, but I think the extra time invested in understanding it is well worth it."""


- Nonlinear Solid Mechanics: A Continuum Approach for Engineering
G.A. Holzapfel

"""This is a gentle introduction to mathematical modelling of materials that undergo large elastic deformations, like rubber, skin and arteries. I found the opening chapters covered the required background material in vector calculus and tensor analysis in a very intuitive manner and I often use it as a reference."""


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