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Breathless and dying on Mount Everest - Eduardo Garrido

Fenomenal artículo de
Eduardo Garrido

Breathless and dying on Mount Everest
Respiratory Medicine

Abrupt exposure to the enormous 8848 m altitude of Mount Everest would cause loss of consciousness in less than 3 min, but a period of several weeks of progressive acclimatisation allows some humans to survive at such altitude. The functional limits of the body at such extreme hypoxia, especially in relation to lung function, alveolar and blood gases, or oxygen uptake, were established by the Operation Everest I, II, and III-Comex studies, in 1946, 1985, and 1997, respectively, which were done with the use of hypobaric chambers, and by the American Medical Research Expedition to Everest in 1981 and the British Caudwell Xtreme Everest Expedition in 2007, both carried out on Mt Everest itself. During the weather window that occurs on the Himalayas in mid-spring, when Mt Everest is usually climbed with...

Climbers stuck in a long queue on the southeast upper ridge (8800 m) of Mt Everest in May, 2019
Copyright © 2019 Reproduced with permission from Nirmal Purja, Project Possible

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